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The State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying developments codes) 2008 was introduced by the State Government on 27th February, 2009 with the aim of providing a streamlined assessment process for statewide development that complies with specific development standards.

plansnsw was formed by a group of professionals who are presently work in the architectural and construction industries. Their aim is to provide a simple and quick approval process for standard types of housing and retail / commercial uses.

plansnsw can provide a quick, cost effective service throughout NSW for all property and business owners requiring approvals from their local councils to construct there new home, carry out alterations and additions to their existing home, construct a granny flat (for family, parents, home office or for additional rental income) or construct a new shop or retail business WITHOUT having to go through a long DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION (DA) process which was often in the past.

plansnsw can fully prepare your application and seek consent under the new State Environmental planning policy 2008 usually within 10 days of lodging, hence you receive 10 DAY APPROVALS for your proposal.

plansnsw is also proud to have an affiliation with AUSSIE HOME LOANS. By clicking on the link you can calculate cost of your proposal to ensure you can afford the cost and meet your financial commitments.

The plansnsw website will be continually updated with new policies and media releases. We invite you to contact our offices by email (frank@plansnsw.com.au) or telephone (02 9897 9111) to discuss your development application requirements.

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